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ChatApp V2: The Next Generation of Chatting

January 22, 2023 3 min read

ChatApp V2 is the upgraded version of KSChat, a chat application that offers a variety of features for users to enjoy. With ChatApp V2, users can easily create an account, log in and out, view their own and other users' profiles, customize their profiles, and create new chat rooms with customizations such as room names, profanity words, invited users, and room avatars.

One of the key features of ChatApp V2 is the ability to customize chat rooms. Users can create new rooms with a custom room name and set profanity words that will automatically be replaced with asterisks. Additionally, users can select which other users will be invited to the room and choose a room avatar by providing an image URL.

ChatApp V2 also offers users the ability to see other users' statuses, such as online or offline, which are indicated by a green or gray circle under their profile picture. Users can also view a list of chat rooms, which includes the room's image, title, creator, and the last message and its sent time. When a new room is created, a default message of "Welcome to the chatroom! ⚡️" is automatically sent.

Another great feature of ChatApp V2 is its real-time messaging capabilities. Users can send messages by pressing enter or the send button, and they can also select emojis from an emoji picker. Additionally, users can search for rooms and edit existing rooms with the same customizations as when they were first created.

For those who may have been punished, ChatApp V2 has a punishment system in place. Users will not be able to access chat rooms until their punishment has expired.

In terms of technology, ChatApp V2 utilizes NestJS, PrismaJS, Passport, JWT,, Docker, PostgreSQL, Prettier, and ESLint on the backend, and ReactJS, Redux, Typescript, React Select, React Router DOM, React Redux, React Hook Form, Emoji Picker React, Swiper,, Tailwind, Chromatic, Storybook, ESLint, StyleLint, PostCSS, Husky, Prettier, Vite, and React Icons on the frontend. The Frontend is hosted on and Backend is hosted on

In addition to all of these features, ChatApp V2 also offers additional functionality for admins. Admins have access to all of the features mentioned above, as well as the ability to give ban/mute for some time. 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 minutes. Or 24 hours. Or permanent.

ChatApp V2 is sure to revolutionize the way you chat with friends and colleagues. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, it's the perfect choice for anyone looking for a new and improved chatting experience. You can check the ChatApp V2 on the link and you can also find more information about the app on the

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