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Chat App v2

Chat app with customizable profiles, chat rooms, real-time messaging, admin tools, profanity filter, emoji picker, and more. Safe and enjoyable!

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is the upgraded application of KSChat (app which is just available trough repo and no preview. On this app you can do the following:

  • Create an account
  • Log In / Log out
  • View your profile
  • You can see other users profiles. And the users will have a badge which indicates if the user is an admin/user.
  • Customize your profile with the following: name, username, profile picture (which needs to be a URL to a photo), email, password.
  • You can be an admin/user.
  • As a user, you can create new chat rooms with the following customizations: room name, profanity words (these words, if entered, will be replaced by asterisks. Example: If we have profanity words set to: drug, drugs. When a user types `drug` or `drugs`, it will be replaced by ****), you can select users to be invited into the room, and room avatar (which, as the same as the user, needs to be a link to an image). On the backend, there are more routes, for example, leaving a chat room, but they are not implemented into the UI because this is a portfolio item and has no current use for production even if it can be used for.
  • You can see users status such as online/offline. As presented in the photo, under the photo, there will be a green circle which indicates that the user is online, or gray if the user is offline. These statuses change on log in / log out or when the tab with the app is focused/unfocused.
  • On the chat list, you can see the image of the room, title, and who created the room. Under that, on the left side, you can see the last message. On the right side, you can see the time when the message was sent.
  • When you create a new room, a default message will be assigned as the first message: `Welcome to the chatroom! ⚡️`
  • In the chat, you can edit the room with the above-mentioned customizations.
  • You can send messages by pressing enter or by clicking the send button in real time.
  • You can select emojis from the emoji picker.
  • You can search for rooms.
  • When a user has any punishment, they will not be able to access the chatroom until the punishment is expired.
  • All users features
  • Can give ban/mute for a period of time. 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 minutes. Or 24 hours. Or permanent.